​​Apparent Energy Inc

  Apparent Energy was a company formed to push the development of the electric vehicle.  We all can see the potential electric vehicles have to be green and available for us all to utilize.  But are they?

At Apparent Energy we believe that for the EV to become really a solution to the pollution, a number of problems must be faced.


 At Apparent Energy we know that battery tech has a long way to go and is in need of serious help.  We have addressed first the most common battery in the world....the lead acid battery.  My name is Brett Belan Co-founder and CTO of Apparent Energy and I have over 15 years of off-grid electricity experience with lead acid batteries.  I have seen what can extend life and increase performance of this battery.  At Apparent Energy, we have launched a full scale effort to offer both.

Lithium batteries are amazing in performance for the first 5-10 years or so, but at a incredibly high cost and still a short lifespan.  Dangers plague the Lithium batteries as well and if the circuitry controlling them fails...hmmmm.

Solution....Edison Cells?   Tesla was a great man...Edison was too.  They both brought us inventions to make our world better.  Edison brought us not only the light bulb, but the Edison Cell battery.  The battery is just getting recognition these days after 100 years.   In fact some of these batteries are still in use today....need I say more?  The Edison cell or nickel Iron Battery uses just that - Nickel and Iron...plus a potassium electrolyte.

The best part of the Edison battery is that it may very well last as long as your solar panel!!!!!   Huge cycle life and safe "drag them down to nothing" performance sets this battery aside.  Edison cells are still at the performance level of lead acid, however...and still quite expensive.  But hey...lets invest in longevity!  A vehicle built with solar power and Edison cells has no components to wear out!!!!  I have been testing this Edison cell battery in the Apparent Energy shop and they are amazing.  I've been noticing a better than lead performance, as well as a quite high coulombic efficiency.  These batteries do tend to loose water quite rapidly but it is a small price to pay for the lifespan.

Still it is hard to ignore the Lithium Iron Phosphates.  With great power density and safe format, these batteries will likely go in the Bus as phase two commences.  For $12K I will get 100 miles per charge.  I will also drop 500 lbs from the vehicle. ---Likely safer than lead...no gasses to blow out of battery box.  We might call phase two the "spare no expense, phase."


 At Apparent Energy we have built and patented the modern motor.  In the early 1900's Nikola Telsa brought us the AC induction motor.  To this day the AC induction motor is the most widely accepted and used motor on the planet.  However, this 100 year old technology is ready to be put to rest.  We need better.  Check out the Apparent Energy axial flux switch reluctance motor (AFSR).  

The axial flux motor works differently than a regular electric motor.  It takes advantage of the speed of electricity and is more of a horsepower machine than it is a typically high torque electric motor.  The AFSR motor produces a large gyroscopic stabilization effect as one of its many advantages. Different. Better.

Solar power

Solar power is great but if we cannot efficiently move it we are losing it!

Apparent Energy has developed a new technology for moving and transforming energy. We eliminate the efficiency robbing components plaguing the electrical movement arena currently dominated by the inductor driven transformer.  Our technology is in the patenting process and more information will come as it gets protected.

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