In 2010  International Truck Company partnered with Modec an English EV company and built the Navistar Estar.​  The truck is fully electric and can do 100 miles before reaching the last 1/4 charge.  The Estar can do 150 miles if you use the full 80kw-hr bank.  It's a 8200 lb vehicle, empty.  The battery pack is a 80kw-hr bank built by A123 battery.

The VW bus has reached it's limit.  At 4500 lbs the VW can get no heavier.  For added solar RV performance we decided to build a larger RV.  We can add 6kw of solar to this vehicle and not cut into its weight restrictions whatsoever.  We will also be adding 200kw-hr of lithium cells.  We plan to make 300 mile runs, and pull 100 miles from the sun per day in summer months.

The Estar will have full hot water shower, electrically incinerating toilet and A/C units which double as dehumidifiers and pull clean water from the air whenever needed.  An on demand water heater will make hot water available anytime.  The estar will lift into a 2 story tinyhome.  The solar roof will track the sun for maximum exposure and subsequent. harvest.  A small stainless commercial kitchen will take up one side of the Estar.  Kira is a food artist and needs to feed the fam!


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