ā€‹ā€‹Iā€™m using an AC motor and 500 A, 144 V controller from Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems. At first I ordered the AC76, a larger motor with a lot of torque, but it had a misplaced winding and burned a black streak down one of the phase wires, making my maiden voyage disappointing.  I swapped it for a smaller AC51 motor, which lightened the load by about 100 pounds. I have more power than I ever need.  I'm glad I went with a smaller motor.  The Motor Controller combo is a great package.  The Curtis controller is awesome.  It has a great regenerative function.  I put back massive amounts of power while simultaneously saving brake pads.

Although a liquid cooling package is recommended for the Curtis controller, I opted for the air-cooled heat sink.  I mounted the controller upside down so the wires would directly meet the motor without crossing.  I also like the heat sink on the top since heat rises.  Two 5 inch fans keep the controller plently cool even in 100 degree weather.

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