​Bring on the energy!  I love clean power!  Building power plants has been my passion since high school when I was hot-rodding Camaros and Chevelles.  Now with the EV revolution is in full swing, I get to come into my own.

With the potential to power these vehicles off the sun, the wind and the water, the sky poses no limit anymore!

I am a meditator.....I get my clarity from hours of silent self observation.  Since developing this practice, I have gained a work ethic and craftsmanship that has allowed my to do more refined work and invention.

Purity is happiness -with our cars, our families...our world.

I was born in Duluth, Minnesota.  I grew up bow-hunting and fishing...and with a wrench in my hand.  I grabbed a bachelor of science in Mechanical engineering along with a second degree black belt from Michigan Technological University.  It was a good thing I had my martial arts training...or I would have jumped ship from engineering school early on.  With a stint at Ford Motor Company and some time teaching CAD at Jaguar in England, I was ready to do my own thing.....I started a band and grew my hair!!!  Later I fell into balance and two kids and a wifey later, I'm on the road in this bus......

Kira Belan

​ I grew up near Monterey, California.  I was home schooled and encouraged to learn hands on. I developed a love for cooking, gardening, sewing and became proficient using many different power tools. When I was 16 I started attending a community college and got my associate degree in Fashion Costuming. I studied Aromatherapy and worked doing hair and makeup in local theater. I attended an Aveda institute in Arizona and got my training for Cosmetology and Aesthetics and then went on to study massage. After my children were born I started a business making organic body care products called Kira Bodylove. Check it out here!

about us

When I met Brett I was introduced to a whole new world of off-grid living. We lived off-grid for about 6 years before moving to Ashland, Oregon. We have been talking about building an electric vehicle since we were first together and have had several electric vehicles over the years.  But, nothing quite like this bus.  I have enjoyed building the kitchen, sewing the tent for the popup, putting in the floor and turning this bus into a camper and making it feel like a home.

We have two children, Lyric, 9 and Brook, 6, who love to get into nature while traveling and camping in the van.

Brett Belan